Gary Phillips Obituary North Winterport, Maine, Co Owner at KGP Auto Sales has died

On Saturday, September 16, Gary Phillips passed away, shocking the close-knit community in the small Maine hamlet of North Winterport. With his steadfast dedication to his job, his engagement to Hailee Phillips since 2019, and his position as an automobile salesperson at Charlie’s Family of Dealerships, Gary, who is well-known as a committed Co-Owner at KGP Auto Sales, won the hearts of both neighbours and coworkers. His immediate family, as well as friends, neighbours, and acquaintances who had the honour of knowing him, mourned this unexpected loss.

The news of Gary’s passing was announced by Charity Frey through a heartfelt Facebook post, reflecting the shock and grief that swept through the community. Her post read, “Hug your loved ones! Always … Always make time! You never know when tragedy will hit. Prayers for one of our closest friends! Hailee Phillips, we are thinking of you and Kinslee Grace. I have no words. You girls were his life! Gary Phillips, I will miss our daily ‘Hi, how are you… and asking Knuckhead why she is barking.’ Missing our BHOP buddy already! Sending love and prayers to the entire Phillips family!”

Gary Phillips, born and raised in North Winterport, had deep roots in the community. He was not just a Co-Owner at KGP Auto Sales but also a familiar face in the local automobile industry. His journey in the world of automobiles began early in life, driven by a passion for cars and a natural flair for salesmanship. He started his career at Charlie’s Family of Dealerships, where he quickly gained a reputation as a trustworthy and approachable salesperson.

Gary was unmatched in his commitment to client satisfaction throughout his career. He had an unusual knack for figuring out what his customers wanted and needed, making sure they got the ideal car for their needs and budget. His friendly demeanour, sincere interest in people, and straightforward sales style made him a favourite with customers who kept coming back to him for all of their automobile requirements.

Gary’s decision to propose to Hailee Phillips in 2019 was evidence of his devotion to her. They shared dreams and created a life in their beloved North Winterport while being inseparable. Their love story served as an example of the value of savouring each minute spent with loved ones for many people in the neighbourhood.

Beyond his accomplishments in both his professional and personal lives, Gary Phillips was admired for his kind nature and enormous heart. He demonstrated his dedication to giving back to the community that had welcomed him by taking an active role in a number of charitable endeavours. Gary was always in the forefront of civic engagement, whether it was planning fundraising events for neighbourhood charities or giving his time to assist people in need.

One of his closest friends, Charity Frey, aptly described his role as a “BHOP buddy.” This acronym stood for “Bringing Happiness to Other People,” a mission Gary embodied effortlessly. His infectious enthusiasm for life, coupled with his dedication to spreading joy, left an indelible mark on everyone he encountered.

As word of Gary’s demise circulated around the neighbourhood, tributes and condolences flooded in. Friends, family, and even random strangers talked about Gary and how he had influenced them in so many different ways. People fondly remembered him and expressed gratitude for his generosity, his sense of humour, and his steadfast support for people in need.

One of those who was likely most devastated by Gary’s passing was his fiancée, Hailee Phillips. Their union had been marked by happiness, development, and common aspirations. Gary’s life revolved around Hailee and their daughter, Kinslee Grace. He was completely committed to them, and he went out of his way to make sure they always felt special and loved.

In these trying times, the entire community rallied around Hailee and Kinslee Grace, offering their support and love. The outpouring of condolences and gestures of kindness served as a testament to the impact Gary had on the lives of those around him.

The legacy of Gary Phillips will live on in the hearts of all who knew him. His commitment to his work, his love for Hailee and Kinslee Grace, and his unwavering dedication to making the world a better place will continue to inspire those who strive to follow in his footsteps. North Winterport, Maine, has lost not just an exceptional automobile salesperson and business owner but also a beloved friend, partner, and community member.

As the community mourns Gary Phillips’ passing, it is reminded of the fleeting nature of life and the need of cherishing every second spent with loved ones. Because of Gary, we are reminded to “always make time” for the people in our lives who are most important to us. We are also reminded to live our lives with the same zeal, love, and generosity that Gary did.

In Gary Phillips’ honour, let’s carry on his mission of spreading happiness and cherish the relationships and affection that enrich life. Thanks to this magnificent man’s legacy, we will always be reminded to appreciate the beauty of each day and to hug our loved ones close since we never know when tragedy may strike.