Carson Robinette Obituary, A resident of Liberty MO Died in a Car Accident

In the town of Liberty, Missouri, people support one another and share in each other’s victories. But on Friday, September 14, 2023, when news of Carson Robinette’s horrific vehicle accident broke, the town was overcome with mourning. As the neighbourhood mourns this devastating loss, it also supports the Stewart family, who provided an update on their son Lennon’s health following major surgery. This essay honours Carson Robinette, a young guy who passed away too soon, and examines the outpouring of love and support from the Liberty neighbourhood.

The adored Carson Robinette lived in Liberty, Missouri. He was well known for his warm grin, compassionate heart, and a sense of humour that could light up a room. He was born and raised in this close-knit community. With a bright future ahead of him, Carson was a young man whose untimely death has left a vacuum that will never be filled.

The evening of September 14, 2023, Carson was killed in a horrific auto accident. Friends, family, and neighbours in Liberty were shocked to learn of his loss, and they are still in shock and mourning. Those who knew and loved Carson will cherish his memory for all time, and the neighbourhood is mourning this tragic loss together.

In the midst of this tragedy, a glimmer of hope emerged as the Stewart family shared an update on their son, Lennon’s condition. Lennon, a classmate of Carson’s at Smithville Middle School, had also been involved in the accident and underwent extensive surgery. Barbara Avise, a family friend, provided a heartfelt update on Lennon’s progress through a Facebook post, and her words provided solace to a grieving community.

Lennon was hurt numerous times, suffering from shattered collarbone, broken humerus, and serious leg fractures. However, the operation was a crucial step towards keeping his legs, and encouraging early signs of recuperation provided some relief. Lennon replied to his name, opened his eyes, and even started crying. His ability to persevere and the strength of the community’s support were demonstrated by his recognition of his parents and little actions like blinks and tiny hand squeezes.

The Stewart family, while dealing with the emotional trauma of the accident, now faces significant financial challenges due to Lennon’s medical needs. Lennon’s medical bills and ongoing care represent a heavy burden that no family should have to bear alone. Recognizing this, the Liberty community has rallied together to offer support and assistance during this trying time.

Barbara Avise initiated a compassionate effort to help the Stewart family by reaching out to the community through social media platforms. While a traditional meal train may not be suitable given the family’s accommodations at the Ronald McDonald House, the Liberty community is stepping up in other ways. Donations of gas cards, food gift cards, grocery gift cards, and monetary contributions are being collected via Venmo (@DanielleHague) to ease the Stewart family’s financial strain.

In addition to individual donations, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched to provide financial assistance to the Stewart family. The campaign aims to raise funds to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation, and any other costs associated with Lennon’s recovery. The Liberty community has already shown incredible support, with many contributing to the cause, demonstrating their love and care for the Stewart family.

The tragic loss of Carson Robinette has cast a somber shadow over the Liberty community, leaving friends, family, and neighbors grieving a young life cut short. In the face of such profound sorrow, the community has also witnessed the resilience of a young survivor, Lennon Stewart, who is bravely fighting to recover.

The Liberty community’s outpouring of love and support is evidence of its tenacity and cohesion. They come together to offer support and hope to the Stewart family in their time of need, as they remember Carson Robinette and pray for his family. This community’s response serves as an example of the strong ties that bind Liberty together and shows that, even in difficult circumstances, people can come together to assist one another.