Jason Slingerland Obituary Lethbridge AB, Wild Rose Motocross Association racer died in an accident

On September 10, the Wild Rose Motocross Association racer Jason Slingerland tragically lost his life in a racing accident, leaving the motocross community in Lethbridge, Alberta, in the midst of a grievous loss. The close-knit community of motocross fans was devastated by Jason’s sudden death, and they are now mourning the loss of a young man who was not only a skilled racer but also a cherished friend and family member. This article serves as an homage to Jason Slingerland, highlighting both his love of motocross and the lasting impression he had on everyone he met.

Cody Johnson, a close friend of Jason Slingerland, shared a heartfelt statement on his passing. “It’s with a very heavy heart that I am writing this,” Cody began, encapsulating the profound grief felt by all who knew Jason. He went on to describe Jason as “one of the most amazing, kindest, funniest young men” he had the pleasure of calling a friend.

Cody’s words provide a glimpse into the warm and jovial personality that Jason possessed. He recalled a fond memory of Jason playfully joking about stealing his truck, a moment that undoubtedly resonates with anyone who had the privilege of spending time with Jason. “I can still see your smile,” Cody wrote, a testament to the lasting impression Jason left on those around him.

Although it is said that time may heal all wounds, Cody’s statement highlighted the fact that some losses are simply too severe to be fully recovered from. Cody lamented, “To be honest, child, none of us were ready to let you go. They say God calls us all home someday. A vacuum has been left by Jason’s death that will never really be filled.

Carrie Stevenson, a compassionate member of the community, initiated a GoFundMe page to support the Slingerland family during their time of need. She shared the harrowing details of the accident that led to Jason’s passing, revealing the extent of his injuries. Jason had experienced bike trouble during his motocross race on that fateful day, resulting in a catastrophic crash.

The crash left Jason with a broken tibia and fibula in one leg, a shattered femur in the other, and a separated and broken shoulder. Additionally, complications arose from his femur injury, leading to swelling on Jason’s brain. As a result, Jason had not regained consciousness since that Sunday morning, with a stint placed on his brain to alleviate the pressure.

The Slingerland family, including Jason’s parents and four sisters, hails from Cowley, Alberta. However, they were compelled to remain in Calgary, where Jason was receiving medical care. The cost of fuel, accommodations, and the extensive medical procedures that Jason would require imposed a significant financial burden on the family during an already unimaginably difficult time.

Carrie Stevenson’s GoFundMe campaign aimed to rally the community’s support, providing the Slingerland family with the means to stay by Jason’s side throughout his recovery journey. The campaign was a heartfelt gesture, demonstrating the power of unity and compassion within the motocross community.

The Jason Slingerland’s organisation, the Wild Rose Motocross Association, also offered their sympathies and conveyed their profound grief at the tragic loss. They acknowledged the great weight that had been placed on the motocross community in a solemn statement.

The association mentioned that “the past few weeks have been heavy on our motocross community,” alluding to additional recent difficulties they had encountered. The tragic loss of Jason Slingerland served as a sobering wake-up call to everyone about the inherent dangers and costs of motocross racing.

The association, in their announcement, asked for understanding from the community by disabling comments and encouraged those who wished to offer condolences to do so through the Slingerland family’s Instagram account. This move reflected the need for privacy and respect during this trying time.


Jason Slingerland’s life and tragic passing serve as a poignant reminder of the profound impact that individuals can have on their communities, even in the relatively short span of their lives. As a member of the Wild Rose Motocross Association, Jason exemplified the spirit of determination, camaraderie, and passion that defines the motocross world.

Jason’s character had a profound impact on everyone around him, as seen by Cody Johnson’s moving eulogy and Carrie Stevenson’s selfless initiative. His contagious smile, wicked sense of humour, and unfailing kindness will live on in the hearts of his loved ones, friends, and the motocross scene.

While Jason’s premature death leaves a gaping hole that will never be filled, the motocross community’s outpouring of love and support shows the resiliency and power that can come from a community’s shared loss. The Slingerland family has a difficult path ahead of them, but they can find comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone. Jason Slingerland’s memory will continue to encourage and uplift everyone who had the honour of knowing him.