Alec Schievelbein Obituary Saint Paul MN, Funeral Arrangements

Alec Schievelbein, a beloved resident of Saint Paul, Minnesota, left this world on September 16, 2023, due to complications arising from COVID-19. Born on July 4, 1994, Alec’s life was a tapestry of laughter, intellectual curiosity, fearlessness, and a commitment to living authentically. In the wake of his untimely passing, we remember and celebrate the indelible mark he left on our hearts and in our lives.

From the earliest days of his life, Alec’s gregarious personality was evident to all who crossed his path. His magnetic charm drew people in, instantly creating an atmosphere of joy and merriment. His quick wit and endearing goofiness had an uncanny ability to brighten even the gloomiest of days. Alec possessed the rare gift of making those around him smile and laugh, leaving behind a trail of happiness wherever he went.

Yet, Alec was not merely a purveyor of laughter; he was a thinker, an intellectual explorer, and a seeker of knowledge. His insatiable curiosity inspired those around him to delve deeper into the world of ideas. Alec had a remarkable ability to dissect complex subjects, offering profound insights that enriched the perspectives of all fortunate enough to engage in conversation with him. He challenged beliefs, expanded horizons, and encouraged us all to strive for a deeper understanding of the world.

What set Alec apart was his unwavering commitment to living life authentically. He embraced his true self without hesitation or apology, demonstrating a remarkable fearlessness in challenging conventions and breaking down barriers. Music was one of the cornerstones of his existence, a source of both comfort and inspiration. Alec’s passion for music was palpable, and he shared his talents on stages at festivals with his bands and as a DJ in large venues, creating unforgettable experiences for all who attended.

In addition to his love for music, Alec found solace and connection in the digital realm. His immersion in video games and technology was not merely a pastime; it was a means to create a sense of community and connection. Alec’s presence on his Minecraft server was a testament to his ingenuity and his desire to lift others up, fostering a space where friends and strangers alike could come together.

Alec’s journey through life was marked by significant accomplishments that showcased his compassion and determination. His advocacy for sexual and gender expression rights, combined with his success in his chosen technical profession, illustrated his ability to overcome challenges and make a positive impact on the world. Whether he was tackling intricate problems or captivating audiences with his musical talents, Alec left an indelible mark on friends, colleagues, and even those who had the privilege of meeting him just once.

Memories of Alec will forever be etched in the hearts of those he touched. His adventures exploring Europe with his sister, Hannah, his lively jam sessions with his sister’s fiancĂ©, Dante, and the unforgettable Fourth of July bar-hopping escapade in Balsam Lake with his stepsister, Taylor, are cherished moments that will be forever treasured. Alec’s mom, Linda, fondly remembers his “thinking walks” during his time at Main Street School of Performing Arts (now PiM Arts High School) and the deep connections he formed with teachers and fellow students. His dad, Ted, reflects on the profound connection they shared through their mutual love of music and dynamic political discussions. Even simple joys, like playing Drawful at the cabin with his stepfather, Randy, and recording his Grandpa Don’s stories, hold a special place in the tapestry of memories.

As we reflect on Alec’s life, we must also remember the lessons he embodied. Alec would want us to live unburdened, to seek knowledge and understanding, and to embrace our true selves without reservation. Let us strive to be kinder, more open-minded, and more authentic, just as he was throughout his life.

Alec’s light continues to shine brightly in the hearts of all those who had the privilege of knowing him. His legacy is a source of inspiration and comfort, a reminder to live with purpose, passion, and an unwavering commitment to being true to ourselves.

Alec is survived by his mother and stepfather, Linda and Randy Langkos, his father, Ted Schievelbein, his sister Hannah Schievelbein and her fiancĂ© Dante McKenna, his stepsister, Taylor Kerr, and his grandfather, Don Minnick, along with many loving aunts, uncles, and cousins. In his memory, donations are welcome to PiM Arts High School (, an institution close to Alec’s heart. His legacy lives on, not only in the hearts of his family but in the countless lives he touched during his time with us.