Bryan Hayward Obituary Woolwich Maine, Residential Construction (Owner) of Morse and Doak Builders Inc. has died

Bryan Hayward, a prominent figure in the field of residential development and an integral part of Woolwich, Maine’s community, passed away on September 21, 2023, leaving the town deeply saddened. Bryan was not only a gifted builder but also a dedicated member of several community groups, notably the Chop Point Board of Directors, where he tirelessly championed education and neighborhood enhancement. This tribute to the life and achievements of Bryan Hayward illuminates his triumphs in the residential construction industry and his steadfast commitment to improving Woolwich for all its residents.

Bryan Hayward’s journey in the construction realm commenced with an ardent passion for building. His love for creating enduring structures became apparent from an early age, propelling him towards higher education to refine his skills and leave an indelible mark in the industry.

Bryan Hayward pursued his education at Gordon College, where he acquired invaluable insights into construction management and business ethics. His time at Gordon College laid the groundwork for his future success as a builder and entrepreneur. Following his studies at Gordon College, Bryan furthered his education by enrolling at the University of Southern Maine, demonstrating his unyielding dedication to expanding his knowledge in the field of construction.

Bryan Hayward’s name became synonymous with top-notch construction when he established Morse and Doak Builders Inc. His unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail set his company apart in the fiercely competitive world of residential construction. Under his leadership, Morse and Doak Builders Inc. earned the trust and respect of Woolwich and its neighboring areas.

For Bryan, construction was more than just erecting houses; it was about creating homes where families could flourish and create priceless memories. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction cultivated a devoted clientele and earned him a reputation as one of Maine’s premier builders.

However, Bryan’s impact on Woolwich transcended his professional achievements. He was a dedicated member of the Chop Point Board of Directors, a local organization vital to the town’s educational and recreational pursuits.

One of Bryan’s key responsibilities on the board was attending annual meetings aimed at supporting and facilitating the daily operations of Chop Point School and Chop Point Camp. His insights and leadership contributed significantly to the ongoing growth and enhancement of these crucial community assets.

Bryan Hayward’s financial acumen and dedication to fiscal responsibility played a pivotal role in shaping the financial trajectory of Chop Point School and Chop Point Camp. As a board member, he was instrumental in reviewing and approving budgets for these institutions, ensuring efficient allocation of resources to benefit the students and campers who relied on these programs.

Beyond financial matters, Bryan’s input on decisions concerning the upkeep and construction of structures on the school and camp grounds was invaluable. His expertise as a builder guaranteed that facilities met the highest standards of functionality and safety.

Bryan Hayward didn’t limit his support to offering advice; he actively participated in building and maintenance activities. His hands-on involvement in the institutions he served underscored his unwavering commitment to their success. Whether managing construction projects or assisting with maintenance tasks, Bryan’s dedication to Chop Point was unwavering.

Bryan Hayward’s legacy in Woolwich, Maine, transcends his professional accomplishments and community involvement. He embodied the spirit of giving back to the place he called home. Through his contributions to residential construction and his efforts to improve Chop Point School and Chop Point Camp, he etched an enduring mark on the town and its residents.

Bryan Hayward passed away on September 21, 2023, leaving a loss in the hearts of all who knew him and collaborated with him. He was not only a talented builder, but also a proponent of education as a transformational force and the importance of fostering a feeling of community. For countless years to come, his passion to his craft, his love of Chop Point, and his legacy of beautifying Woolwich will provide as an endless source of inspiration. Bryan Hayward’s life serves as evidence of the enormous influence one person can have when committed to improving their society.