Bryan Hayward Obituary Woolwich ME, Residential Construction (Owner) of Morse and Doak Builders Inc. has died

Bryan Hayward, a well-known name in residential development and a vital member of the town’s community, passed away on September 21, 2023, to the sorrow of Woolwich, Maine. Bryan was not only a talented builder but also a committed member of a number of groups, such as the Chop Point Board of Directors, where he devoted himself to promoting education and neighbourhood improvement. This homage to Bryan Hayward’s life and accomplishments highlights both his successes in the residential construction industry and his unwavering dedication to making Woolwich a better place for all.

Bryan Hayward’s career in the construction industry began with a strong enthusiasm for construction. His love for creating structures that would stand the test of time was evident from a young age. This passion led him to pursue higher education to hone his skills and make his mark in the industry.

Bryan Hayward attended Gordon College, where he gained valuable insights into construction management and business ethics. His time at Gordon College laid the foundation for his future success as a builder and entrepreneur. After completing his studies at Gordon College, Bryan furthered his education by studying at the University of Southern Maine. His dedication to learning and expanding his knowledge in the field of construction was unwavering.

Bryan Hayward’s name became synonymous with quality construction when he founded Morse and Doak Builders Inc. Bryan’s commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail set his company apart in the competitive world of residential construction. Under his leadership, Morse and Doak Builders Inc. became a trusted name in Woolwich and the surrounding areas.

Bryan’s attitude to building was more than just building houses—it was about building homes where families could prosper and create priceless memories. He developed a devoted clientele and a reputation as one of Maine’s top builders because to his commitment to excellence and client pleasure.

Even though Bryan made a lot of progress in the building sector, his influence on Woolwich went far beyond his profession. He was a dedicated member of the Chop Point Board of Directors, a local organisation that was vital to the town’s educational and recreational endeavours.

Attending annual meetings intended to support and aid the daily operations of Chop Point School and Chop Point Camp was one of Bryan’s primary responsibilities on the board. His insights and leadership contributed to the continuous growth and improvement of these vital community assets.

Bryan Hayward’s financial acumen and dedication to fiscal responsibility were instrumental in shaping the financial direction of Chop Point School and Chop Point Camp. As a member of the Board of Directors, he played a vital role in reviewing and approving the budgets for these institutions. His careful oversight ensured that resources were allocated efficiently, benefiting both the students and campers who relied on these programs.

Bryan’s contribution to physical plant decisions was crucial, beyond financial issues. He actively engaged in talks about the upkeep and building of structures on the grounds of the school and camp. His skill as a builder helped to guarantee that the facilities met the highest requirements for functionality and safety.

Bryan Hayward supported building and maintenance activities by not just offering advice but actually getting his hands dirty. His active involvement in the institutions he served was a sign of his dedication to their success. Bryan’s commitment to Chop Point was unwavering, whether it was managing a construction project or helping out with maintenance duties.

Bryan Hayward’s legacy in Woolwich, Maine, goes beyond his business achievements and community involvement. He embodied the spirit of giving back to the place he called home. Through his work in residential construction and his contributions to the betterment of Chop Point School and Chop Point Camp, he left an indelible mark on the town and its residents.

The passing of Bryan Hayward on September 21, 2023, left a void in the hearts of those who knew him and worked alongside him. He was not only a skilled builder but also a community leader who believed in the power of education and the importance of fostering a sense of belonging. His dedication to his craft, his commitment to Chop Point, and his legacy of giving back to Woolwich will continue to inspire generations to come. Bryan Hayward’s life serves as a testament to the impact one person can have when they devote themselves to making their community a better place.