Sherry Pollock Obituary – Death, Greensboro NC, Leader and Talent Acquisition Sales at Cisco sadly passed away

On a somber Sunday, September 24th, Greensboro, North Carolina, bid farewell to a remarkable individual who had dedicated her life to the pursuit of excellence in talent acquisition. Sherry Pollock, a prominent figure in the business world, renowned for her leadership in talent acquisition and sales recruitment at Cisco, has left us. She leaves behind a profound professional legacy and a well-trodden path of inspiration for aspiring recruiters. In this tribute, we pay homage to Sherry Pollock by recounting her extraordinary journey, from earning a bachelor’s degree in social work at North Carolina State University to ascending to a revered leadership role at Cisco.

Sherry Pollock’s voyage to becoming a leader in the realm of talent acquisition was firmly rooted in her fervor for connecting individuals with promising opportunities. Her educational journey commenced at North Carolina State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree. This early academic foundation in social work endowed her with invaluable skills in comprehending the needs of people and effectively collaborating—an asset that would prove pivotal in her recruitment career.

Sherry’s transition into the realm of talent acquisition marked the onset of a truly exceptional career. Her innate ability to identify talent and align individuals with the most suitable roles swiftly garnered her a stellar reputation. Her journey at Cisco commenced in a sourcing role, covering North America and Latin America. In this capacity, she honed her knack for identifying top-tier talent in high-volume environments. This period facilitated her development of a profound understanding of the recruitment process and the paramount significance of ensuring the right fit for both candidates and organizations.

Over the years, Sherry’s unwavering commitment and diligence led to numerous opportunities for advancement within Cisco. She steadily ascended the corporate hierarchy, progressing from an individual contributor to a leadership position. Ultimately, she attained the esteemed role of Talent Acquisition Sales Recruiting Leader for the Americas, where she presided over a team of six recruiters—a testament to her leadership prowess. Beyond recruiting top talent for Cisco’s Sales Specialist Teams, she also oversaw acquisitions throughout the Americas, encompassing domains such as security, cloud, SAAS, enterprise networking, collaboration, and IoT.

Sherry Pollock’s impact as a recruiting leader at Cisco reverberated globally. Her efforts contributed significantly to the development of a robust and diverse team of professionals who played a pivotal role in Cisco’s enduring success. By nurturing relationships with top talents, she ensured that Cisco’s Sales Specialist Teams remained well-prepared to tackle the ever-evolving demands of the technology industry.

Sherry’s dedication extended beyond her immediate team and projects. She was renowned for her collaborative spirit, always eager to share her knowledge and expertise with others. Her contributions to the field of talent acquisition extended far beyond Cisco, making her a respected figure among peers and competitors alike.

Sherry’s illustrious career at Cisco spanned over two decades—a testament to her unwavering allegiance to the company’s mission and values. In her own words, “Love the Opportunity to have One Company with many careers!!!” This statement encapsulates her zeal for growth, not just for herself but for those she mentored and led. Her journey from staffing companies to a startup and ultimately to Cisco underscored her adaptability and resilience, qualities that served as an inspiration to her colleagues and proteges.

Sherry Pollock’s LinkedIn profile provided a glimpse into her professional journey and the indelible impact she made in the world of talent acquisition. Her headline, “Talent Acquisition Sales Recruiting Leader in the Americas,” underscored her leadership role and her expansive geographic influence. Her mention of nurturing a Global Specialist Team of six recruiters emphasized her leadership prowess and commitment to fostering the next generation of talent acquisition professionals.

Her contributions to recruitment for Cisco’s specialized teams in Security, Cloud, SAAS, Enterprise Networking, Collaboration, and IoT were prominently featured in her profile. This illustrated her aptitude for identifying candidates with specialized skill sets—an essential facet of recruitment for a technological behemoth like Cisco.

The untimely passing of Sherry Pollock is a profound loss for her family, friends, and the broader talent acquisition and recruitment community. Her remarkable journey from a Bachelor of Social Work degree holder to a top executive at Cisco serves as an exemplar for all those aspiring to achieve professional excellence. In the realm of corporate recruitment, her commitment to nurturing talent, her insatiable thirst for growth, and her unwavering dedication have left an enduring mark.

As we remember Sherry Pollock, we not only celebrate her professional accomplishments but also her character, characterized by kindness, collaboration, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Her legacy will continue to inspire and guide budding recruiters and leaders in the years to come, ensuring that her contributions to the world of talent acquisition are immortalized and cherished.