Sherry Pollock Obituary Greensboro NC, Leader and Talent Acquisition Sales at Cisco has died

On Sunday, September 24, Greensboro, North Carolina, lost a great person who had devoted her life to recruiting excellence and talent acquisition. Sherry Pollock, a well-known figure in business who was best recognised for her position as a leader in talent acquisition and sales recruiting at Cisco, passed away. She leaves behind a professional legacy and a path of inspiration for aspiring recruiters. In this article, we honour Sherry Pollock by remembering her extraordinary path from receiving a bachelor’s degree in social work from North Carolina State University to rising to the position of esteemed leader at Cisco.

Sherry Pollock’s journey to becoming a leader in the world of talent acquisition was rooted in her passion for connecting people with opportunities. She began her educational journey at North Carolina State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Social Work degree. This early academic foundation in social work provided her with valuable skills in understanding people’s needs and collaborating effectively, qualities that would later become instrumental in her recruiting career.

Sherry’s transition into the field of talent acquisition marked the beginning of an extraordinary career. With an innate ability to identify talent and match individuals with the right roles, she quickly made a name for herself. Her journey at Cisco began in a sourcing role for North America and Latin America, where she honed her skills in identifying top-notch talent in high-volume environments. This period allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the recruitment process and the importance of finding the right fit for both candidates and organizations.

Sherry was given multiple chances to assume more roles at Cisco over the years thanks to her commitment and effort. From an individual contributor to a leadership position, she ascended the corporate ladder. She soon rose to the position of Talent Acquisition Sales Recruiting Leader for the Americas, where she oversaw a group of six recruiters, demonstrating her abilities. In addition to assisting and hiring top people for Cisco’s Sales Specialist Teams, she was also in charge of supporting acquisitions throughout the Americas and areas including security, cloud, SAAS, enterprise networking, collaboration, and IOT.

Sherry Pollock’s role as a recruiting leader at Cisco had a global impact. Her work contributed to building a strong and diverse team of professionals who played a pivotal role in Cisco’s continued success. By nurturing relationships with top talents, she helped ensure that Cisco’s Sales Specialist Teams were well-equipped to address the ever-evolving demands of the technology industry.

Sherry’s dedication to her work extended beyond her immediate team and projects. She was known for her collaborative spirit, always willing to share her knowledge and expertise with others. Her contributions to the field of talent acquisition were not limited to Cisco but had a ripple effect across the industry, making her a respected figure among peers and competitors alike.

Sherry’s career at Cisco spanned over two decades, a testament to her unwavering commitment to the company’s mission and values. In her own words, “Love the Opportunity to have One Company with many careers!!!” This statement encapsulates her passion for growth, not just for herself but for those she led and mentored. Her journey from staffing companies to a startup and finally to Cisco showcased her adaptability and resilience, qualities that inspired her colleagues and proteges.

Sherry Pollock’s LinkedIn profile provided a glimpse into her professional journey and the impact she had on the world of talent acquisition. Her headline, “Talent Acquisition Sales Recruiting Leader in the Americas,” highlighted her leadership role and geographic scope of influence. Her mention of supporting a Global Specialist Team of six recruiters underscored her leadership abilities and her commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent acquisition professionals.

Her contribution to recruitment for Cisco’s specialized teams in Security, Cloud, SAAS, Enterprise Networking, Collaboration, and IOT was also highlighted in her profile. This demonstrated her aptitude for locating applicants with particular skill sets, an essential component of hiring for a technology behemoth like Cisco.

Sherry Pollock’s premature death is a loss for her family, friends, and the talent acquisition and recruitment community as a whole. Her extraordinary rise from a Bachelor of Social Work degree to a top executive at Cisco is an example to everyone who wishes to achieve professional success. In the realm of corporate recruitment, her devotion to fostering talent, desire for growth, and dedication have made a lasting impression.

As we remember Sherry Pollock, we honor not only her professional accomplishments but also her character, which was marked by kindness, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Her legacy will continue to inspire and guide aspiring recruiters and leaders in the years to come, ensuring that her contributions to the world of talent acquisition are never forgotten.