Arthur Abrom Obituary, Lebanon School District Superintendent dies following long battle with cancer

Dr. Arthur Abrom, the longtime superintendent of the Lebanon School District, was more than just a pioneer in education. For the communities he served, he was a pillar of strength, a testament to resiliency, and a source of inspiration. After fighting cancer for almost ten years, this great man passed away on September 24. He left behind a legacy that will live on in the thoughts and hearts of the Lebanon and Lancaster School Districts forever.

Dr. Abrom’s journey involved not just a commitment to his profession but also steadfast resolve in the face of a persistent foe. He learned the devastating news that no one ever wants to hear: he had colon cancer. This happened in August of 2014. What followed was a grueling six-month battle against this highly-staged disease, marked by aggressive chemotherapy treatments. The treatments took a toll on his body, causing irreversible peripheral neuropathy in his hands and feet. Many would have faltered under such circumstances, but not Dr. Abrom.

His commitment to his community, his church, his students, his district, and most importantly, his family, propelled him forward. Dr. Abrom’s courage and fortitude were nothing short of inspiring. He was a living testament to the power of the human spirit to endure and overcome adversity. Throughout his battle with cancer, he never lost sight of his mission – to serve and uplift those around him.

Dr. Abrom’s journey in education was marked by a profound commitment to the students he served. He dedicated a remarkable 20 years of his life to the School District of Lancaster before joining the Lebanon School District in 2017. As he took the reins of leadership in Lebanon, he wasted no time in setting a new vision for the district’s 5,000+ students.

One of Dr. Abrom’s key priorities was fostering strong community connections. He understood that a thriving school district is deeply intertwined with the community it serves. Under his leadership, Lebanon’s schools became more than just places of learning; they became hubs of community engagement and support.

Dr. Abrom promoted a data-driven culture inside the district in addition to building relationships with the community. Making educated decisions, in his opinion, is the cornerstone of superior education. He opened the ground for focused interventions and advancements that benefited both kids and instructors by highlighting the value of data and analysis.

Dr. Abrom’s vision also included making sure pupils were ready for college and the workforce. He understood that because of how quickly the world was changing, it was crucial for pupils to have the information and abilities needed to succeed in it. Because of Dr. Abrom’s dedication to preparing pupils for college and careers, Lebanon’s students were not only academically competent but also had the practical skills necessary for success in the real world.

Dr. Abrom’s student-centered approach was evident in all his initiatives. He understood that each student was unique, and he worked tirelessly to create an educational environment that catered to individual needs and aspirations. This commitment to student-centeredness fostered a sense of belonging and empowerment among Lebanon’s young learners.

Perhaps one of the most enduring legacies of Dr. Abrom’s tenure was the promotion of a culture of reading. He firmly believed that a love for reading was the foundation of lifelong learning and personal growth. Under his guidance, Lebanon’s schools became places where the joys of reading were not just encouraged but celebrated.

The influence of Dr. Abrom went beyond the confines of academic institutions. He was very involved in his church and community, which gave him a sense of direction and strength. For everyone he knew, his persistent dedication to these organizations served as an example.

His world revolved around his family, which included his wife Jo, to whom he had been married for 32 years, and his three children, Amanda, Emily, and Hope Abrom. Dr. Abrom’s love and loyalty to his family never wavered in the face of the enormous difficulties he encountered. They served as his pillar, his inspiration, and the driving force behind all of his perseverance.

As we mourn the loss of Dr. Arthur Abrom, we also celebrate his life and his indomitable spirit. He was not just an educator; he was a leader, a mentor, and a friend to countless individuals whose lives he touched. His legacy lives on in the students he educated, the teachers he inspired, and the communities he enriched.

Dr. Abrom’s life serves as a reminder that despite hardship, we may muster the will to endure, make a difference, and leave a lasting impression. Future generations will continue to draw inspiration from his legacy to pursue excellence, serve as compassionate leaders, and never lose sight of the value of education and community.

Let us recommit ourselves in his honour to the beliefs and ideals that Dr. Arthur Abrom held dear: a dedication to learning, a dedication to community, and an unflinching faith in the potential of every person. His memory will always serve as a beacon, pointing the way to excellence and service.