John Maddox Obituary Richmond Hill GA, Owner of Southeast Demolition has died

John Maddox, the proprietor of Southeast Demolition and Maddox Contractors in Richmond Hill, Georgia, passed away on September 27, 2023, leaving the demolition industry without a true pioneer. Benjamin M. MacDonald, a longtime friend and coworker of John’s, conveyed the news, making it a sad day for everyone who knew and worked with him. In this tribute, we honour the life and accomplishments of a unique man whose influence on the demolition industry will go on forever.

Who was John Maddox?

John Maddox, popularly known as “Johnny” by his friends and coworkers, was a complex person who had a lasting impression on the demolition business. Although the specifics of his early life and the reason for his dying are unknown, his contributions to the field of demolition are significant.

One of Johnny’s most significant contributions was his ownership of Southeast Demolition, a company that specialized in subcontracting under general contractors for demolition projects. His work on numerous projects showcased his dedication to precision, safety, and excellence.

The Old Savannah Airport, which is located in Savannah, Georgia, was demolished by Johnny and his team in January 2018. Johnny was the project manager, and EE Reed was the general contractor. He made sure that Southeast Demolition’s employees followed the strictest quality and safety guidelines. Furthermore, the project was finished on schedule because to his excellent time management abilities and smooth collaboration with the general contractor. Johnny was a useful employee because of his knowledge of operating large machinery and his aptitude for deciphering complex plans.

Just a few months later, in March 2018, Johnny was at the helm of another crucial project – the demolition of the Old Fort Pulaski Bridge on Tybee Island, Georgia. Working under the general contractor Aquaterra Contracting, he once again showcased his leadership and demolition expertise. Johnny’s ability to handle complex and delicate demolition work earned him the respect and admiration of his peers.

In July 2018, Johnny and his team took on the challenge of demolishing four buildings and executing asphalt patching at Interfor in Bloomingdale, Georgia. The general contractor for this project was CT Darnell. Johnny’s meticulous approach to every project ensured that the buildings were safely and efficiently brought down, and the asphalt patching was carried out with precision.

In April 2016, Johnny demonstrated his versatility by undertaking site work and drainage repairs at Sonoco in Savannah, Georgia, working under the general contractor Sonoco. His ability to adapt to various aspects of demolition work was a testament to his dedication to excellence.

In the demolition sector, John Maddox has left a record of unrivalled experience, professionalism, and dedication. The respect and trust of innumerable coworkers and clients were gained as a result of his dedication to safety, high-quality work, and effective project management.

In addition to his professional achievements, Johnny will be remembered for his kind disposition and his sincere concern for those around him. “Johnny Maddox,” a moving homage by Benjamin M. MacDonald The line ‘Fly high bud, I will never forget the good times we had, look over your lovely girls!’ perfectly captures Johnny’s tremendous influence on everyone who knew him.

The passing of John Maddox, the owner of Southeast Demolition and Maddox Contractors, has left a void in the demolition industry that will be difficult to fill. His dedication to his craft, his commitment to safety, and his ability to deliver excellence on every project have left an enduring mark on the industry. As we remember Johnny’s remarkable life and career, we extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues. John Maddox will forever be remembered as a true legend in the world of demolition.