Gary Porter Obituary Gananoque, Ontario, Employee at Porter’s Refrigeration Inc. has died

The recent loss of Gary Porter in the community of Gananoque, Ontario, has left a significant hole in the hearts of its citizens. Through his steadfast dedication to his family’s business and his town, Gary, a devoted worker at Porter’s Refrigeration Inc. and a proud graduate of Gananoque Secondary School, touched the lives of many people.

Born and raised in Gananoque, Gary Porter hailed from a family with a deep-rooted connection to the town. His father, Larry Porter, laid the foundation for the family’s legacy when he established Porter’s Refrigeration Inc. in 1984. Larry’s journey into the refrigeration and air conditioning industry began with a simple aspiration – to provide exceptional servicing and installations for refrigeration and air conditioning systems in both commercial and residential applications.

However, it was in 1986 that Larry’s business took a significant turn when he became intrigued by geothermal heating and cooling systems. His interest was piqued by research papers released by Canada’s Ministry of Natural Resources, which highlighted the environmental and efficiency advantages of these technologies. Recognizing the potential of geothermal systems in Canada, Larry was quick to embrace the innovation.

Larry Porter’s dedication and commitment to providing top-notch service led Porter’s Refrigeration to become Eastern Ontario’s preferred geothermal installer. As the industry grew, Larry’s influence extended beyond the boundaries of Gananoque, reaching communities throughout Ontario. He was not only a successful businessman but also a founding member of the Canadian Earth Energy Association. Larry’s passion for geothermal heating and cooling systems was evident in his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise, making himself available to answer questions from anyone seeking guidance in this field.

Gary Porter, Larry’s son, followed in his father’s footsteps, pursuing a career in the family business after completing his education. He earned qualifications as a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic, laying the groundwork for his role at Porter’s Refrigeration Inc. Gary’s journey began at Gananoque Secondary School, where he received an education that prepared him for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

In 2009, Gary and Larry joined forces to expand the family business. Their partnership breathed new life into Porter’s Refrigeration Inc., allowing them to tackle more significant projects and serve a broader clientele. Over the years, the father-son duo installed hundreds of heating and cooling systems in Eastern Ontario, leaving a trail of satisfied customers in their wake.

Gary Porter’s contributions to the business went beyond technical expertise; he brought a fresh perspective and a youthful energy that complemented his father’s experience. Together, they navigated the ever-evolving landscape of refrigeration and air conditioning, adapting to new technologies and methods while upholding the company’s commitment to excellence.

Gary’s dedication to his work was matched only by his love for Gananoque. His deep ties to the community were evident in the care and attention he brought to his job. To him, every installation was not just a project but a contribution to the comfort and well-being of his fellow residents. Whether it was a bustling commercial space or a cozy family home, Gary ensured that each customer received the same level of expertise and professionalism that had become synonymous with Porter’s Refrigeration Inc.

Beyond his professional life, Gary Porter was a proud resident of Gananoque. His love for the town was evident in his active participation in community events and his willingness to lend a helping hand whenever needed. He was more than just an employee of a local business; he was a cherished member of the community. Gary’s warm smile and friendly demeanor made him a familiar face to many, and he left a lasting impression on all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

In times of loss, communities often come together to mourn the departure of one of their own. Gary Porter’s passing has united the people of Gananoque in grief, but it has also served as a poignant reminder of the strength of community bonds. His legacy lives on not only in the countless heating and cooling systems he installed but also in the memories he created and the lives he touched.

As we remember Gary Porter, let us not just mourn his loss but celebrate his life and the positive impact he had on Gananoque and its residents. His dedication, work ethic, and love for his community serve as an inspiration for all of us to strive for excellence in our own endeavors and to give back to the places we call home.

Gary Porter will always be remembered in Gananoque as a loving father, an accomplished worker, and a valued part of the neighbourhood. We will always value and honour his contributions to Porter’s Refrigeration Inc., dedication to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, and unshakable affection for Gananoque. Gary Porter leaves a legacy of achievement, and future generations will be motivated by his example.