Michael Bolin Obituary Eau Claire WI, Funeral Arrangements

In the presence of his loved ones on September 26, 2023, Michael Atchison Bolin died away, leaving the world without a bright light. Michael’s path was marked by unflinching courage as he fought cancer with unshakable tenacity. His legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of everyone who had the honour of knowing him. His life was a monument to the strength of love, humour, and resiliency.

Michael’s story began on March 29, 1966, when Vae and Ellen Atchison welcomed him into the world. It was obvious right away that he was intended to make people happy in his immediate surroundings. He loved every time he spent with his kids and felt the most enjoyment when he was with them.

But Michael’s zest for life extended far beyond the boundaries of his family. He was known for his infectious smile and a playful, sometimes downright silly, personality. His friends could attest to his extraordinary dance moves, which often led to nights filled with laughter and unforgettable memories. Michael had an innate talent for making everyone around him feel special, loved, and valued.

Michael was not only a great father but also a talented artist. He had a passion for creative expression and loved indulging in crafts with his children. His artistic talents were a source of inspiration for those around him, and he instilled a love for creativity in his kids that will continue to blossom through generations.

His artistic flair extended to his relationships as well. Michael was a great brother and friend to many. Once you were welcomed into his circle, you became a part of his extended family, and Michael’s loyalty knew no bounds. If you were fortunate enough to be his friend, you had a friend for life.

Michael’s memory lives on through the people whose lives he touched. He is survived by his loving children, Chloe, Kellis, Allie, Felicity, Devin, and Raelynn, each of whom carries a piece of his loving spirit within them. His siblings, Dale, Carol, Cindy, Jerry, Sandy, Jim, and Scott, continue to share stories of the laughter and camaraderie that defined their family.

His niece, Melissa Bushendorf, shared a special bond with Michael and will forever treasure the time they spent together. Many other nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and great-nephews will fondly remember Uncle Michael’s warm embrace and playful spirit. He leaves behind a network of cousins too numerous to mention, all of whom will miss him dearly.

In addition to his family, Michael had a wide circle of friends who held a special place in his heart. Brenda, Kassie, Lisa, Jill, and Liz were among his closest confidants, but there were many more who shared in the laughter and love of their friendship. Michael’s ability to forge meaningful connections with people from all walks of life was one of his most remarkable qualities.

To all those who shared in his life, whether mentioned by name or not, you know who you are. Michael’s impact on your lives is immeasurable, and his absence will be deeply felt.

Michael’s journey was not without its share of sorrow. He was preceded in death by his loving husband, Jerry Poppe, who undoubtedly welcomed him with open arms on the other side. His parents, Vae and Ellen, as well as his step-father, Jerry Sockness, also await their reunion with Michael in the afterlife.

He joins his sisters, Barb, Annie Cat, and Susie, as well as his brothers, Doug, Mark, and Gary, in eternal peace. Their memories continue to live on in the hearts of those who loved them.

The family would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the Mayo Health Care System for their unwavering support throughout Michael’s battle with cancer. The compassionate care provided by the medical professionals was a source of comfort during difficult times.

Special thanks also go to Matt Thompson of The Celebration of Life Center and Chippewa Valley Cremation Center for their guidance and assistance during this challenging period.

At a later time, details will be released regarding a celebration of Michael Atchison Bolin’s extraordinary life. As friends and family gather to pay tribute to the man who had such a significant impact on their lives, it is certain to be a time of contemplation, humour, and shared memories.

Michael leaves a legacy of affection, humour, and loyal friendship in the wake of his demise. He demonstrated to us that a grin, a dance, and a heart full of love can light up the world even in the midst of hardship. Despite the fact that he is no longer in our sight, we will always cherish the memories of him.