April Peterson Obituary Greenville MI, Owner of Pink + Frillos, Frugthaven Farm has passed away

The loss of a cherished member of the community is being lamented in the sleepy Michigan town of Greenville. April Peterson, proprietor of Pink + Frillos and Frugthaven Farm, passed away on Thursday, October 5, 2023, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered for a long time. In addition to being a successful businesswoman, April was a fierce supporter of her neighborhood and an inspiration to many. Let’s pause a moment to consider April Peterson’s extraordinary life.

April Peterson was born and raised in Greenville, Michigan, a place she held dear throughout her life. She was a true hometown hero, and her roots ran deep within the community. Her journey began with a thirst for knowledge, which led her to Central Michigan University, where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies. Her academic pursuits were just the beginning of her remarkable journey.

Upon completing her education, April’s heart remained firmly rooted in Greenville. She saw the potential to make a difference in her hometown and decided to channel her passion into building a better community. With unwavering determination, she embarked on a journey that would lead her to become the proud owner of Pink + Frillos, a charming boutique in the heart of Greenville. This store quickly became a cornerstone of the community, known for its unique blend of vintage charm and modern style, a reflection of April’s own personality.

Pink + Frillos was more than just a business for April; it was an extension of herself. She poured her heart and soul into curating a beautiful selection of items, from clothing and jewelry to home decor, that resonated with the tastes of her customers. April’s warm smile and welcoming personality created a sense of belonging for everyone who walked through the boutique’s doors.

However, April’s impact extended beyond the walls of Pink + Frillos. She was a dedicated community leader who believed in giving back. She organized charity events, sponsored local sports teams, and supported various causes that were close to her heart. Her commitment to improving the lives of those around her was a testament to her character and a source of inspiration for many.

In addition to her thriving boutique, April Peterson was also the proud owner of Frugthaven Farm. Located on the outskirts of Greenville, this picturesque farm was a reflection of April’s love for nature and her desire to connect with her roots. At Frugthaven Farm, she cultivated a variety of fruits and vegetables, embracing sustainable farming practices that prioritized the environment and community.

April’s passion for farming extended beyond her own land. She was a strong advocate for local agriculture and believed in supporting fellow farmers in the area. Her farm became a hub for community events, where people could come together to appreciate the beauty of the land and learn about the importance of sustainable farming.

April Peterson’s life was a testament to the power of determination and a commitment to one’s community. She was a true role model, showing that with hard work and a generous spirit, one could achieve their dreams and make a positive impact on the world around them.

As news of her passing spread throughout Greenville, the community came together to celebrate her life and legacy. Friends, family, and customers of Pink + Frillos shared their memories of April, remembering her infectious laughter, her kind heart, and her unwavering dedication to making Greenville a better place.

April’s passing leaves a void in the hearts of many, but her legacy will live on. Her boutique, Pink + Frillos, will continue to be a cherished part of the community, a reminder of the woman who made it all possible. Frugthaven Farm will flourish under the care of those who share April’s vision for sustainable farming and community involvement.

In honor of April Peterson’s memory, the community has come together to establish a scholarship fund in her name. This fund will support local students pursuing degrees in parks, recreation, and leisure studies, carrying on her passion for education and community betterment.

A source of inspiration, April Peterson’s path from a Central Michigan University student to a cherished company owner and community leader. Her story serves as a reminder that despite our backgrounds or challenges, we are all capable of changing the world. Future generations will be motivated to pursue their goals and give back to their communities by April’s legacy.

With April Peterson’s demise, Greenville, Michigan, has lost a wonderful jewel. All who knew her will never forget her unrelenting loyalty to her city, her commitment to her enterprises, and her desire to make a difference. April’s memory will forever be a source of inspiration, reminding us that through hard work, determination, and a giving spirit, we can leave a lasting impact on the world around us.