Dr. Monica Moore Obituary, Wichita veterinarian and daughter killed in Butler County car accident

A Wichita veterinary clinic is grappling with heartbreak as it mourns the loss of Dr. Monica Moore and her daughter, victims of a fatal two-vehicle crash in Butler County on a somber Sunday afternoon. Sisters-Herndon Veterinary Clinic, where Dr. Moore served as a dedicated veterinarian, confirmed the devastating news on their Facebook page.

The tragic incident occurred around 5 p.m. at the intersection of SW 150th St. and SW Santa Fe Lake Road, situated southwest of Augusta. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, the collision transpired when a westbound vehicle on SW 150th Road failed to halt at a stop sign, colliding with another vehicle traveling south on SW Santa Fe Lake Road. The aftermath was grim, with the first vehicle coming to a rest in the ditch, while the second rolled and ultimately came to a stop against a tree.

Butler County Communications reported that one individual sustained serious injuries in the accident, adding a layer of anguish to an already heart-wrenching situation.

The Sisters-Herndon Veterinary Clinic released an emotional statement on their Facebook page, informing the community of the tragic loss. They expressed the heavy-hearted news that both Dr. Monica Moore and her daughter had lost their lives in the crash. While the clinic refrained from disclosing the girl’s name, the statement conveyed the severity of the accident, prompting a temporary closure of the clinic on Tuesday and Wednesday. The post requested the community’s patience and understanding during this difficult time and asked for prayers and thoughts for both the clinic and the Moore family.

Dr. Monica Moore’s impact extended beyond the veterinary clinic; she was a married mother of four children, according to information available on the clinic’s website. Born and raised in Douglass, she pursued her education at Kansas State University before joining Herndon Veterinary Clinic in 2008. In 2017, Dr. Moore, alongside her sister, took ownership of the clinic, further cementing her commitment to animal care in the community.

As the community grapples with this devastating loss, the clinic is navigating the challenging days ahead. The closure of the clinic during the midweek reflects the immediate need for the staff and the community to process the shock and sorrow. The statement on Facebook serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of life and the unforeseen tragedies that can abruptly alter the course of individuals and communities.

The tragic accident not only claimed the lives of a beloved veterinarian and her daughter but also underscores the importance of road safety. The Kansas Highway Patrol’s report highlights the consequences of failing to adhere to traffic regulations, emphasizing the need for vigilance on the roads to prevent such heartbreaking incidents.

As the community mourns, memories of Dr. Monica Moore’s dedication to veterinary care and her role as a mother and community member will undoubtedly be cherished. The impact of this loss reverberates not only within the veterinary clinic but across the community she served and the lives she touched.

Amid the grief, there is a collective effort to gather additional information about the accident, seeking answers to questions that may provide some understanding of the tragic events. The community stands together in support, offering condolences and holding onto the cherished memories of Dr. Monica Moore and her daughter.

In the coming days, as the Sisters-Herndon Veterinary Clinic and the community at large navigate the grieving process, one thing is certain: Dr. Monica Moore’s legacy will endure, remembered through the countless lives she touched and the passion she brought to her work and community.