Kane Morgan Obituary, Rust Wine general manager dead after tragic car accident – GoFundMe

Kane Morgan, the cherished general manager of Rust Wine Co., passed away suddenly and tragically, leaving the Rust Wine community in mourning. Kane, who was crucial to the establishment and expansion of the winery, died on Friday, December 8, in a tragic car accident while travelling home.

The news was officially shared on the Rust Wine Facebook page, where a post from the Rust Family expressed their profound grief, stating, “The Rust Family is devastated to announce the passing of our beloved friend & general manager, Kane Morgan.” The somber message revealed that Kane was not just an employee; he was Rust Wine Co.’s first employee, deeply involved in constructing the winery from the ground up.

Kane Morgan’s impact on Rust Wine Co. extended far beyond his managerial role. He was instrumental in creating one of the most remarkable and hospitable environments in the entire Canadian wine industry, leaving behind an indelible legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

In 2021, Kane embarked on a new venture with his family in Summerland, BC, developing their family farm. This endeavor included the establishment of the Revelation Vineyard, a project that encapsulated not only the family’s dedication to winemaking but also a holistic approach to farming, influenced by Kane’s extensive philosophical writings and overall outlook on life.

Described as an exceptional person in every facet of his life, Kane was not a common man. His superb intellect, eloquence, dedication to family, and a commitment to living a remarkable life set him apart. Those fortunate enough to know him experienced his unbounded hospitality, sincerity, and humor, making it evident that Kane’s presence was a force of inspiration.

Kane is survived by his wife, Jaki, and their two boys, Cassius and Walker. The Rust Family emphasizes the importance of supporting Kane’s family during this difficult time and working together to carry on his impactful legacy.

As a testament to the widespread impact Kane had on those around him, JJ Scott initiated a GoFundMe campaign to support Kane’s family. Describing Kane as a brother-in-law and an amazing father, JJ Scott echoed the sentiments of many, highlighting Kane’s role in creating a remarkable and hospitable environment within Rust Wine Co.

Kane’s legacy goes beyond the professional realm; he touched lives in a profound way. His contagious warmth, wit, humor, integrity, and character left an everlasting impression on everyone he encountered. The GoFundMe campaign aims to aid Kane’s wife and children in continuing his legacy and honoring the dreams he passionately pursued.

In these challenging times, anyone touched by Kane’s kindness and inspiration is encouraged to offer their condolences and support through the provided website. The Rust Wine Co. community, along with friends and well-wishers, can find updates regarding a future service for Kane on the dedicated webpage.

Kane Morgan’s departure is not just a loss for Rust Wine Co. but for the entire Canadian wine industry and the countless lives he touched. He leaves behind a roadmap of inspiration, urging everyone who knew him to strive to be the best version of themselves.

In loving memory, the Rust Wine community pledges to honor and cherish Kane Morgan forever. As they navigate through this difficult period, they find solace in the shared memories and the enduring legacy of a man who truly lived his dream.

[Support Kane’s family and share condolences here.](https://www.rustwine.com/pages/honouring-kane-morgan)