David Berglund Obituary Calgary, Man dies after being ‘pushed’ into tree in alleged road rage incident

One man is dead and another is being charged with manslaughter in a terrifying road rage incident that happened on Calgary’s streets. In relation to the death of David Berglund, 35, on Wednesday, Steven Allen, 34, made an appearance in court after a shocking sequence of events that rocked the neighbourhood.

The tragic incident took place in the northeast community of Temple on Tuesday afternoon, marking a stark escalation from what began as a seemingly minor “non-injury hit-and-run” collision between two vehicles. A red Chevrolet Aveo and a GMC Sierra truck were involved, with the latter reportedly driving erratically and swerving through traffic.

The conflict took a dark turn when the driver of the GMC Sierra allegedly brandished a knife towards the occupants of the red car, leading to a 911 call from the panicked passenger. The dispatcher advised the Chevrolet to disengage, but the situation intensified as both vehicles continued to tail each other.

As tensions flared, the GMC Sierra driver pulled over in the 6900 block of Temple Drive N.E. The red Chevrolet, however, persisted in following the truck. Subsequently, an alarming sequence of events unfolded, culminating in a fatal confrontation. The driver of the truck disembarked, kicked the passenger side of the Chevrolet, and in response, the Aveo reversed into the GMC Sierra driver, pushing him into a nearby tree.

The victim, identified as David Berglund, tragically lost his life at the scene. Disturbing video footage obtained by CTV News captures the aftermath, with two individuals from the red car attempting to cover the lifeless body with a blanket.

Calgary Police Chief Mark Neufeld expressed his shock over the incident, emphasizing the need for heightened caution in such volatile situations. Neufeld remarked, “So the notion that something like this can escalate like it did should be a call to all of us to say, ‘we need to be super careful when it comes to this type of thing.'”

In a court appearance on Wednesday, Steven Allen was released on bail by a justice of the peace. The accused, charged with manslaughter, was granted release on a $2,000 promise to pay. Conditions of his release include no contact with a woman whose name has been withheld and a prohibition on possessing weapons. Additionally, Allen was mandated to reside at an address merely two blocks from the alleged homicide scene.

The unfolding legal proceedings have thrust this tragic incident into the spotlight, prompting a broader discussion on road rage, its consequences, and the imperative for restraint in heated moments. As Steven Allen awaits his court appearance scheduled for February, the community grapples with the aftermath of a confrontation that spiraled out of control, underscoring the profound impact of unchecked road rage on lives and communities.