Jessica Crockett Obituary Plainfield IN, Registered Nurse at IU Health Lifeline Operations Center died in an apparent murder-suicide

Jessica Diane Stoebick, a.k.a. Jessica Crockett, had a colourful existence until a suspected murder-suicide occurred in her Plainfield, Connecticut, home. Her bereaved family and the society at large had a gloomy Christmas season due to the early hours of Monday’s occurrence.

Responding to a report of a burglary around 3:30 a.m., officers arrived at the residence on Grevillea Lane to discover a shattered basement window. What awaited them inside was a heartbreaking scene – two adults, Jessica Diane Stoebick, 47, and the intruder identified as her estranged husband, 41-year-old Ryan Gibbs, lay dead. The Plainfield Police Department swiftly transitioned the investigation into a murder-suicide case, unraveling a disturbing history of harassment and violence.

Deputy Chief Joe Aldridge expressed the profound challenge faced by Jessica’s family, particularly given the holiday season. He called upon the community for support, urging thoughts and prayers for those affected by this devastating tragedy. It was revealed that other family members present in the home at the time escaped physical harm, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

The unsettling narrative takes a darker turn as online court records expose Gibbs’ troubling history, marked by pending charges including invasion of privacy, stalking, intimidation, and violating a no-contact order. These legal troubles manifested in disturbing incidents leading up to the fateful morning.

In April, Gibbs faced charges of invasion of privacy, intimidation, stalking, resisting law enforcement, and distribution of an intimate image. The charges stemmed from his violation of a non-contact order, during which he not only left explicit photos of Jessica in her neighborhood but also outside her workplace, bearing her name and phone number. A probable cause affidavit revealed the depth of Jessica’s fear, as she informed the police of Gibbs’ possession of several firearms, prompting her to seek refuge with family out of town.

Days before the explicit photos surfaced, Jessica reported a threatening call from Gibbs. In a harrowing turn of events, Gibbs eluded the police in April, leading them on a pursuit that was terminated for public safety reasons. The affidavit suggested that Gibbs appeared determined to evade law enforcement, subsequently being arrested at a friend’s home in Reelsville with a suitcase full of clothes in his vehicle.

The unfolding tragedy paints a picture of a woman living in constant fear for her safety, forced to navigate a tumultuous relationship that ultimately claimed her life. The echoes of domestic violence and the challenges faced by victims in seeking protection resonate strongly in this heartbreaking saga.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of this senseless act, Detective Taylor Wilson has called upon anyone with information on the killings to come forward. The contact number provided, 317-754-5284, serves as a plea for collaboration in piecing together the events leading to Jessica Crockett’s untimely demise.

In the wake of this devastating loss, Jessica’s colleagues at IU Health Lifeline Operations Center mourn the passing of a dedicated registered nurse whose commitment to healing extended beyond the confines of the hospital. Her tragic end serves as a stark reminder of the insidious nature of domestic violence and the imperative to support those who find themselves trapped in its grip.