Warren Hohmann Obituary, Longtime KTLA producer has passed away at 59

The KTLA 5 Morning News crew joined together in a heartfelt moment to pay tribute to Warren Hohmann, a longtime weather and traffic producer who passed away last week. Warren joined KTLA in 1991 and spent 32 years of his life there, leaving a lasting impression on the Los Angeles-based CW affiliate.

KTLA anchor Sam Rubin, visibly moved, paid a heartfelt tribute to his late colleague, reflecting on the significant role Hohmann played in the daily workings of the newsroom. “While Warren isn’t here, he’ll always be here as much as anybody,” Rubin shared live on air, emphasizing the lasting impact Hohmann had on the KTLA family.

Warren Hohmann was not just a behind-the-scenes maestro of weather and traffic; he was also the mastermind behind numerous hilarious and, at times, utterly ridiculous morning segments. Rubin reminisced about the infectious laughter that Hohmann brought to the team, stating, “He ran the traffic and weather department for decades, and that frosting, he brought us more laughs on the air and off the air.”

The tribute continued with a delightful journey through some of the most memorable and comical skits featuring Hohmann. One particular instance involved a playful jab at KTLA’s rival, Direct TV, and their plans to launch a weather channel. The skit unfolded with Hohmann’s exaggerated reaction in the weather department studio, culminating in a moment of comedic brilliance as he lit a Direct TV sign on fire. The anchors, maintaining a lighthearted tone, clarified to the audience that it was just a part of the weather department usually kept in the back room.

Sam Rubin then shared a personal touch by revealing a message Warren Hohmann had written to him after Rubin’s departure from KTLA on May 8. In the heartfelt note, Hohmann expressed, “Sam, my friend, I had the time of my life on the Morning News.” These words encapsulated the camaraderie and deep connections formed within the KTLA family.

Warren Hohmann’s legacy extends beyond his technical prowess and professional contributions. He infused the newsroom with a sense of joy and camaraderie, making the KTLA 5 Morning News not just informative but also a source of genuine laughter. His ability to balance the serious nature of weather and traffic reporting with a lighthearted and humorous touch endeared him to both colleagues and viewers alike.

As the newsroom fondly revisited Hohmann’s memorable moments, it became evident that his impact went beyond the confines of the studio. His comedic skits were not just a source of entertainment; they were a testament to his vibrant personality and his commitment to creating a positive atmosphere.

In an industry often characterized by deadlines and breaking news, Warren Hohmann stood out for his ability to inject levity into the daily routine. Whether it was navigating traffic reports or delivering the weather forecast, Hohmann approached his work with a contagious enthusiasm that left an enduring impression on those around him.

As the KTLA 5 Morning News team bids farewell to a cherished member, they also celebrate the legacy of Warren Hohmann—a dedicated professional, a source of laughter, and a friend to all. Through his 32 years of service, Hohmann not only contributed to the cake and frosting of the morning news but also left behind a recipe for joy that will continue to resonate with viewers and colleagues alike.