Sharon Dwyer Obituary, IT Director at Arbonne passed away unexpectedly

It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the unexpected passing of Sharon Dwyer, the beloved IT Director at Arbonne. Anthony Tuason’s poignant words on Facebook captured the sentiments of many who knew Sharon, expressing the profound loss felt by her family, friends, and colleagues.

Sharon’s impact extended beyond her professional role, resonating deeply within the communities she touched. A former dance mom, she was remembered as one of the most caring souls, someone who saw the best in everyone and offered unwavering support to all. Tuason’s message not only conveyed the shock of her sudden departure but also underscored the warmth and compassion that defined Sharon’s character.

Sharon Dwyer’s professional journey reflected a diverse and accomplished career. As the IT Director at Arbonne, she played a crucial role in steering the technological landscape of the company. Her expertise wasn’t confined to a single domain, as evidenced by her previous role at Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., showcasing her versatility in navigating the complexities of the corporate world.

Educationally, Sharon’s pursuits were equally varied. She studied Instructional Design and Technology at San Diego State University, delving into the intersection of education and technology. Her academic journey also included studies in Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh, Health & Nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Political Science at Rosemont College. Her commitment to continuous learning was further demonstrated by obtaining a Human Resources Certificate from Cornell University.

Beyond her professional and academic pursuits, Sharon was deeply engaged in her community. Her alma mater, Archbishop John Carroll, holds a place in her educational journey, reflecting a connection to her roots. The breadth of her studies showcased a woman with a multifaceted understanding of the world, weaving together technology, health, politics, and human resources.

Evie Kravitz, a friend and admirer of Sharon, initiated a GoFundMe campaign to support the Dwyer family during this challenging time. The campaign aimed to alleviate financial burdens, allowing Sharon’s husband, John, and their children to grieve without the added stress of expenses related to her sudden passing. Evie’s heartfelt words illuminated Sharon’s presence in the “bookish community,” describing her as a beautiful and wonderful light. Their shared interests in literature and personal experiences created a deep bond, emphasizing Sharon’s kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness.

Evie’s tribute painted a vivid picture of Sharon as a true friend, someone who extended warmth and care to those around her. The mention of shared moments over Stephen Graham Jones books and discussions about back surgeries showcased the genuine connections Sharon forged within her community. The loss was not only personal but left a void in the broader world, where Sharon’s light touched many lives.

Sharon Dwyer’s sudden passing leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of those who knew her. Her professional accomplishments, diverse educational background, and community involvement paint a picture of a woman who embraced life with enthusiasm and dedication. The outpouring of support through Anthony Tuason’s Facebook post and Evie Kravitz’s GoFundMe campaign reflects the impact Sharon had on those around her. As we remember Sharon, let us honor her memory by cherishing the moments shared, the knowledge imparted, and the kindness extended—a fitting tribute to a remarkable individual who left our world with much less light.